Breadboard Assembly 3220 Clear (Pro Series)


Features phosphor bronze contacts and is part of our Pro Series of products.

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This Breadboard Assembly 3220 Clear  is a professional grade solderless breadboard that features phosphor bronze contacts in clear housing. It includes 3220 tie-points mounted to a powder coated metal plate and is part of our Pro Series of breadboards.


  • Fully assembled 3220 tie-point clear breadboard assembly – Model: EIC-1308


  • Tie-points:  3220
  • Spring Contacts:  Fully embossed phosphor bronze
  • Binding Posts:  4
  • Color:  Clear / transparent
  • Power Rails:  Full length continuity
  • Recommended Insertion Range:  26-21 AWG
  • Bottom Plate:  Black powder coated steel with rubber feet

Solderless breadboards are used for prototyping electronic circuits by inserting components and wires into spring contacts.  This allows circuits to be easily and quickly constructed without soldering.  It also allows components to be reused multiple times in different circuits.

With 3220 tie-points, this size of breadboard can handle large projects.  The base adds stability and comes with 5 rubber feet and there are 4 banana jack binding posts for making power connections to breadboard.

Unlike typical breadboards which use white ABS plastic for the housings, this one uses a clear / transparent housing which allows the contacts to be seen and which frankly looks kinda cool.

Refer to our Guide To Solderless Breadboards for a detailed description of solderless breadboards including their cost and performance trade-offs.

Our Solderless Breadboard Product Lines

Hobby Line of products are constructed to hobby standards using stainless steel spring contacts for good price/performance where cost is the major consideration for selection.

Pro Series of products are constructed to professional standards using high quality plastic moldings with phosphor bronze spring contacts for applications where optimum performance is the major consideration for selection.

Before they are shipped, these modules:

  • Assembled and inspected.
  • Carefully packaged for safe shipping.


  1. These are designed to work with components such as IC’s that have standard 0.1″ spacing.   Components with other lead spacing such as 2mm may work if the leads can be reformed to fit the 2.54mm  pitch of the breadboard.

Technical Specifications

Mfr Model Number EIC-1308
Tie-points 3220
Spring Contacts Material Phosphor bronze
Design Fully embossed
Power Rails Full length continuity
Binding Posts 4
Housing Material ABS plastic
Color Clear / Transparent
Lead Openings Square hole
Mounting Plate Material  Powder coated steel
Color  Semi-gloss black
Conductor Gauge  For making interconnects 21-26AWG
Grid Spacing  Adjacent tie-points  0.1″ (2.54mm)
 Dimensions  L x W (Base Plate) 24 x 21 cm (9.5 x 8.3″)